Welcome to CryptoStakingPool!

This pool was created in response to the frustration associated with the current available pools.
The maintenance fees are too high, an enrollment fee of any price is outrageous and you should be able to pull out your money whenever you want.
Enforcing a minimum balance only punishes the “small guy”.

With CryptoStakingPool, there is no enrollment fee, no deposit fee,
no minimum balance, no escrow or “locked in” period (funds can be pulled out same day)
and no withdrawal fee.

Join the pool with the lowest fees and best community!

Why CryptoStakingPool?

No Minimum Deposits
We welcome everybody to our pool, not just the whales!

No Escrow
Never agree to “lock in” your funds for any amount of time.
Your money is your money, pull it out whenever you want.
Withdrawals are processed daily.

No Enrollment Fees
We like to be honest from the beginning: no costs to sign up.

No Deposit Fees
It’s not fair to pay before you’ve earned anything.

No Withdraw Fees
Your money is your money.

Low Maintenance Fee
A small 5% fee is applied to rewards only.
These are the only costs to you, and are used to maintain the many servers
and additional technical costs that are associated with running the pools.

Fair share
All rewards are shared fairly.
The more coins you have, the bigger your reward.

Online 24/7
Never miss a stake again due to your choppy internet at home.

Every listed coin will first be reviewed and tested to ensure the safest possible way to stake and run masternodes.
Our reputation relies on the security of your coins.

Future Proof
Our platform is built to support the addition of future coins.

Any Questions?

Feel free to join our Discord !